INSIDIX, French company, is specialist in high resolution non-destructive testing of materials, components and sub-systems, with particular expertise in the microelectronics industry.  We offer our customers a full range of NDT equipment, as well as testing services in our laboratory. In addition, the R&D department develops new NDT technologies and can adapt existing technologies to better meet our customers’ needs.

INSIDIX brings its customers 20 years of experience as a user and developer of NDT technologies. Our considerable expertise allows for superior service with flexibility and reactivity, whatever quality or performance issue the customer might need.

Boost your team & equipments !


Insidix proposes training

either for system installation or for system in use






Training for


  • Productivity increase and better use of machines X-ray radiography and tomography, acoustic microscopy, infrared thermography, warpage and dilatation measurements


  • Diagnosis Guarantee for quality or breaks of your products
    Turning the operators into experts of these systems


  • Technical expertise improvement of your team
    For each technology describes below, for methodology to use to detect a defect, to check process, etc...


To guarantee a dedicated training of your team, we plan with you the technical program to best answer your needs.

Insidix Trainers are also users of these equipments, with 6 to 12 years experience in the company. They are often in contact with customers and well know issues of non destructive testing either for production, qualification, lab or for R&D.


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