INSIDIX is a French company specializing in non-destructive testing of materials, components and sub-systems, with particular expertise in the microelectronics industry. Based on "analyzing parts without damaging it", a full range of NDT equipments are available for sale as well as testing services in our laboratory. In addition, INSIDIX develops new NDT technologies and adapt existing technologies to better meet your needs.


INSIDIX brings its customers 20 years of experience in NDT technologies. Our considerable expertise allows for superior service and more informed decisions, no matter what quality or performance issue the customer might need addressed.

The finest in NDT equipment choices

Expert pre-sales advice, installation and training

Post acquisition technical support, maintenance, repair and upgrades


INSIDIX distributes NDT testing equipment used in our Services Laboratory. For each system, our supplier is a recognized leader on the market.

These distributed technologies include: 


Scanning Acoustic Microscopy

2D X-ray Radiography

3D Computed Tomography

OEM X-ray Components

OEM Acoustic Components

Dynamic Infrared Thermography


The System Sales team also sells worldwide the technology developed by INSIDIX either through System Sales or local representatives:


TDM – 3D Topography and Deformation Measurement


The extensive experience obtained through our Services Laboratory activities with these technologies makes Insidix uniquely qualified to advise its customers on their acquisition and use. Our detailed knowledge as a user of these technologies, and the ability to provide equipment demonstrations and sample testing in our laboratory, insures that our customers can make fully informed decisions on equipment purchases. In addition, our Services Laboratory experts are available to train customers’ personnel after acquisition, and to provide a post acquisition “hotline” for resolving user difficulties.


Our System Sales team is skilled at the installation and calibration of the equipment sold, as well as post acquisition maintenance service.  The INSIDIX team is also capable of determining and implementing adaptations of the equipment to meet specific customer needs. This customization service is offered to our customers to insure that the optimal solution is obtained for each of their requirements.