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Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (alias SAM) uses focused sound to investigate, measure or image an object.

The main application in electronics is delamination detection, die cracks, compound underfill voids, etc. In other fields, such as optics, contacts, thin film or any material assembly, it allows to characterize bonding, brazing area, porosities, adherence, etc

Thanks to OKOS large range of products, you can be sure to find out the right solution for your application.

VUE 250-P


OKOS Vue 250-P SAM scanning acoustic microscope is designed to simplify testing, with limited space (most compact system, tabletop). It provides a universal inspection tool for packaged semiconductor, production and failure analysis.

With the ability to detect air defects as thin 0.05 micron and spatially resolve defects down to 5 microns, the Vue 250-P is perfect for electronic & micro-electronic devices (plastic packages, BGA, CSP, flip chip inspection) but also for assembly characterization of small parts : optics, packaging, thin film and coating, etc.

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VUE 400-P


Designed to provide industry leading defect identification capability and image quality.


The OKOS VUE 400-P tool is ideal for advanced packaging, including molded flip chip, stacked die, TSV, Cu Pillar and more.

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The OKOS Macrovue is a large scanning acoustic microscope for either larger parts or high throughput application.  Indeed it allows to scan 2 trays at the same time (2 transducers at once).

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Ultrasonic systems CF-300 and custom


OKOS specializes in full turnkey multi axes Ultrasonic NDT scanning systems and components:
In fact, OKOS has the ability to customize systems for each specific application or part. OKOS gladly take on the difficult and unsavory projects that require substantial engineering and manufacturing customization and capability.

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