COMPONENTS for Custom X-ray Equipments

In addition to X-ray inspection systems, INSIDIX offers a range of high performance components:



A wide range of X-ray tubes, generators and detectors (Image Intensifier and Flat Panels), accessories required for your specific Digital X-ray Radiography or Tomography application.


X-ray Sources

Complete X-ray sources in custom configurations can be designed to suit your needs: Tubes ranging from 75kV to 800kV, generator , cables, etc

X-ray Tubes for industrial to NANOfocus X-ray systems

The product line ranges from the smallest portable unit up to 800kV fixed systems.

Microfocus tubes offer modular construction and a wide variety of options, making them suitable to almost any inspection task, allowing either high power and resolution.

Transmission, directional & open tubes available.


Detectors for industrial X-ray inspection

INSIDIX distributes digital X-ray detectors from several suppliers : flat panel and image intensifiers adapted to a wide range of industrial application.

Image Intensifiers for industrial X-ray inspection

Image intensifiers are replacing traditional film-based radiography, for the non-destructive testing environment. Image Intensifiers can be used for a wide range of applications.

Advantages : High resolution and excellent contrast latitude ,  3 different display formats, low noise and high quality images.

Flat Panel detectors for industrial radioscopy

In recent years, flat panel detectors have been introduced to industrial radioscopy which offer many advantages over image intensifiers.

The flat panel offers superior resolution with up to 65,536 possible gray levels (12 to 16 bits possible). This allows details to be gathered from thick as well as thin sections of an inspected part without blooming effects.