Temperature Mapping & Hot Spot Localization

Infrared thermography can assist in understanding material heterogeneities, characterize heat dissipation or spreading, or electrical failures localization (short circuit or leakage).

Analyses done under thermal, electrical, magnetic (RFID) load.


With Dynamic or lock-in Infrared Thermography (LIT),sensitivity is increased and « hot spot » of some 10-3 °C are detected.

-         Heat dissipation: observation of a full board or system, temperature mapping and measurement, visualization of hot components or areas. Comparison with spec. or models

-         Leakage and Short-circuit source (incl. CAF) localization, very fast and accurate (up to 6µm): in only few hours a hot spot is detected and allows to guaranty defect finding ( current compliance ensure no burning , localization data are transmitted for deprocessing ).

Electronic boards LIT

Applications :

-          Fast localization of leakage, short-circuit

-          Heat spreading efficiency, heat dissipation

-          Thermal homogeneity

-          Check specification, check design, or model

-          Sealing joints

-          Brazed and welded joints

-          Qualification and fast selection of glues, adhesive, comparative analyses of aging, etc

-          Inclusions, heterogeneities, porosities, cracks in material

Fields :

-          Electronic, micro-electronics : from full system to bare die

-          Energy : solar cells, PV, power loss, battery

-          Optics and optronic

-          Mechanical parts

-          Switching contacts (switchgear, relays, contactors)

-          Composite, ceramics, plastics

-          Medical

-          R&D

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