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TDM - EUROSIME 2011 International Conference Determination of strength of interface in packages based on an approach using coupling of experimental and modeling results
TDM - IPFA 2010 Proceedings Topography and Deformation Measurement and FE Modeling applied to substrate-mounted large area wafer-level packages (including stacked dice and TSVs)
TDM Article - EDFAS Journal August 2011 Innovative Assessment of Thermomechanical Stress Effects in electronics components and assemblies
TDM - IMAPS 44th International Symposium on Microelectronics Topography and Deformation Measurement as a new Tool for Thermal Stress Assessment on Electronics Components
TDM - IPFA 2009 Proceedings An Advanced Reliability Improvement and Failure Analysis Approach to Thermal Stress Issues in IC Packages
TDM - ESTC 2010 Proceedings Advanced assessment of thermal stress related failure modes occuring during the assembly of high pin count BGAs on PCBs