INSIDIX, French company, is specialist in high resolution non-destructive testing of materials, components and sub-systems, with particular expertise in the microelectronics industry.  We offer our customers a full range of NDT equipment, as well as testing services in our laboratory . In addition, the R&D department develops new NDT technologies and can adapt existing technologies to better meet our customers’ needs.


INSIDIX brings its customers 20 years of experience as a user and developer of NDT technologies. Our considerable expertise allows for superior service with flexibility and reactivity, whatever quality or performance issue the customer might need.

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Service: Laboratory + System Sales & after sales + Training

INSIDIX, specialist in Non Destructive Testing (NDT), proposes a full range of  services to:

  • Laboratory for expertises
  • Maintain your equipments 
  • Train your team and users of equipments

With our Laboratory master expertise:

  • Failure Analyses : localization and identification of failure source / root cause
  • Production control : automatic and repetitive inspection pool to garanty your product quality
  • Qualification : assembly quality before and after aging test to detect more fragile parts or area, to choose the best process and the best materials
  • R&D: check design, dimension, etc
  • Advise and study : methodology set-up

On the basis of our experience and your needs, we can select the technology or technologies for your project.


Scanning Acoustic Microscopy - SAM

2D X-ray Radiography / 3D Computed Tomography

Lock-In Thermography - LIT

Topography and Deformation Measurement - TDM

X-ray Micro-Fluorescence - µXRF




  • Internal Design and dimensions, check assembly quality
  • Failure localization, Failure analyses
  • Quality of assembly: brazing, soldering, bonding, glueing, adherence & delamination
  • Thermal aspects: heat dissipation, hot spot, short & leakage source
  • Thermomechanical behavior through warpage measurements
  • Chemicals: check RoHS, measure thickness (coating, finishes, varnish)


We can also help you to develop predictive approaches based on NDT technologies. Prototype series may be tested by our technicians (R&D qualifications) to identify the areas where risk of failure exists, and assist in determining solutions in simple redesign.