Nano- & Micro- focus X-ray Systems

Nikon Metrology 2D and 3D X-Ray inspection systems meet the widest variety of application: electronics, automotive, medical, jewelry, contacts, plastics, and so on.

  • Minimum detail size: 500 nm
  • Samples from 500µm to 500mm side length
  • Radiography systems with tomography as an option
  • Micro-focus and nano-focus X-ray tube
  • Advantages : easy program set-up for fast production control, automatic void calculation (solder joint, BGA, thermal pad, die-attach, etc), image processing, easy to set-up laminography


You will find below the description of Nikon Metrology X-ray imaging products, from basic XTV130 to XTV 160 with optional tomography, and also accurate systems XTH 225-350-450 (kV, with micro-focus spots). Laboratory equipment add-on are available to complement our offer: digital microscopes, benchtop SEM, etc

After equipment integration in your facility, Insidix supports you for maintenance as well as training or application development.

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XTV 130C


The XT V 130C is a highly flexible and cost-effective electronics and semiconductor inspection system. The system features a 130kV / 10 watt  Nikon Metrology manufactured source, a globally recognized open tube design with integrated generator, and a high-resolution imaging chain.

Through a series of factory and field upgrades, the end-user can configure these systems to its own needs with a higher power source, a rotating sample tray, automatic inspection software, a digital flat panel option, and the ability to add future-proof CT technology.

XTV 160

The XTV 160 is specifically designed for use in production lines and failure analysis laboratories. With a precision joystick, system users control the 5-axis sample manipulator. Real-time X-ray allows them to intuitively navigate complex printed circuit boards and electronic components and quickly trace defects. In automated inspection mode, samples can be inspected at highest throughput.


160kV-20W tube, tomography, laminography, inspection program